2009 nfl playoff picks: conference championships

Another subpar weekend for me in the picks during the divisional match-ups. Against the spread I went 1-3 and 2-6 overall during the playoffs, while I went 2-2 straight up improving to 3-5. A couple tough ones this week in their own way, especially the Saints-Vikings game. I feel like that game could go either way. My picks:

Against the spread:

New York Jets +8.5 over the Indianapolis Colts

Minnesota Vikings +3.5 over the New Orleans Saints

Straight up:

Indianapolis Colts over the New York Jets

New Orleans over the Minnesota Vikings

Sunday, January 24, 2010 //  Category: Sports


  1. Two straight weeks picking the Colts straight up :( I’m worried about you :O

    • Aaron says:

      Haha xD It’s almost like picking the lesser of two evils. I really don’t know if I want to see the Jets in the Super Bowl and I’ve always really respected the Colts franchise. Again though, I think the fact that I have a friend who is a Colts fan is a added motivation to pick them.

      • Imo the Jets are the lesser of two evils for the main fact I don’t want Peyton to gain up on Brady in Super Bowl rings and the fact the Colts have been the Patriots main rival this past decade. Oh and dump the friend xD

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