2009 nfl playoff picks: super bowl xliv

Super Bowl XLIV is about an hour away, so I’m really cutting it close posting my picks this late, haha. During conference championship week, I went 1-1 against the spread (3-7 overall) and 2-0 straight up (5-5 overall).

This year’s Super Bowl is going to be a great game to watch, but I guess by definition, it should be. If I was picking this game with my heart, I’d pick the Saints. I’d really love to see them win and being a Patriots fan, I’m not sure seeing the Colts win is going to make me feel too good, haha. I do think the Colts are the better team, so that’s the team I will “officially” pick. Their offense is more consistent and Peyton Manning seems to be better in pressure situations than he was in the past. It would not surprise me though if the Saints won. Let’s hope that happens :)

Against the spread:

Indianapolis Colts -4.5 over the New Orleans Saints

Straight up:

Indianapolis Colts over the New Orleans Saints

Sunday, February 7, 2010 //  Category: Sports

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