Game Updates: Twilight Princess, Pokémon Black

A few weeks ago I went to Walmart not expecting to get anything, but I decided to check out their video game section just to see what they had and of course to play any of the demos they had on display. The first thing I played was a demo for Asphalt 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. It was pretty cool and only increased my desire to get a 3DS; especially with the upcoming price cut. Next I went to try out the Xbox 360, but nothing interested me there. The funny thing is that the right analog stick was completely off. I then checked out the Playstation 3 and tried out a demo of MotorStorm: Apocalypse. I couldn’t tell if I liked it, but that could have been caused by the fact that its right analog stick was broken too. It was still there, but it would always lean in one direction.

When I was done playing the systems they had on display, My eye caught a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii for only $20. The reason it was so cheap was because it’s a part of the Nintendo Select line up and all Nintendo Select titles are $20. It was great to finally see that game at such a low price. Whenever I went to GameStop to pick up a game, a used copy was always around $45. I never understood why that never went down at least a little bit before it’s inclusion to the Nintendo Select line up.

I’ve played Twilight Princess before shortly after it’s original release in 2006, but that was the GameCube version a friend lent me and my brother. There were two things I was curious about regarding the two versions. The first was the difference in how they control. The GameCube uses a traditional gamepad, but the Wii uses motion controls. The second thing I was curious about was the orientation of the map. This one is the biggest difference as far as I’m concerned. Twilight Princess was originally going to be a GameCube exclusive. At some point during its development, Nintendo decided to delay its release so they could add could content and port it to the Wii. They went back and forth between using motion controls or just button presses and when they finally decided to use motion controls, it was very late in its development.  The problem with that is that the games main character, Link, holds his sword with his left hand, but players would be swinging the Wii controller with their right hand. The only way they could fix this problem so late in its development was to flip everything around, so that the GameCube version and the Wii version are mirror images of each other.

After some time playing it, it’s been very good. I like the controls and because I haven’t played the GameCube version in about four years, the orientation differences haven’t bothered me much. It’s been great replaying this game and will help aid in my anticipation for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, due out later this year.

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It’s a bit late, but I wanted to also write a little about Pokémon Black Version. I got it at the end of April, just in time before Victini’s Wi-Fi event ended. Some of the new creatures are odd, but I found it a great game overall. I especially love the Dream World service they created for this generation of Pokémon games. If you want to add me to your Pal Pad, my friend code is 5200-2936-3375. I completed my National Pokédex, so I may be able to help you out with things you need.

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