Weird Morning

Every morning I set two alarms. I set my radio to go off at 5am (to His Radio, WRTP) as the preferred time I like to get up. I also set a clock to go off at 6am as the absolute latest I like to wake up and also as an emergency should something go wrong with my first alarm. That has happened on few occasions. Twice I forgot to set one and didn’t wake up to the other, resulting in a mad scramble to get to work on time. In both of those situations I was thankful I woke with enough time to get ready and not well after I was supposed to be at work.

This morning was a different story. I work Tuesday through Saturday. While a day off, I still like to get up early for Sunday, some days sleeping a little later if I feel like I need it. Monday is the only day I have the alarms completely off. Last night I made sure to turn both alarms back on, but I didn’t pay enough attention that the time was way off on my radio. Somehow the time on it got reset. I’m pretty sure it happened either Friday or early Saturday morning because I remember not waking up to my radio on Saturday. This morning I woke to my radio with the thought it was 5am. I turned my computer on, logged in, and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After my shower, I went to make a cup of coffee when I noticed the time on my stove and microwave read 2:55am. Confused, I checked my cell phone, my other alarm clock, and then my computer. All of them read the same time as the stove and the microwave.I laughed to myself, fixed my radio and went back to bed to get what little sleep I could get between 3am and 5am.

When I woke up at 5am for real, I repeated my morning routine. I had a tired morning because of what happened, but I felt better as the day went on. Normally, sleep irregularities don’t affect me until the day after. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

* * *

A New Beginning

I finally had the opportunity to register a real domain name and upgrade my hosting plan so I could install WordPress to it, so I did so within the last few days. I am very excited for this as I have been wanting to do this for a while. I will keep my previous site active for the time being and I’ve imported everything from my WordPress hosted blog, but I have to fix some issues with media that didn’t import correctly. I also want to create my own custom theme that looks similar to the one on my previous site, but I will continue to use the Titan theme until then.

* * *

Impossible to forget

9-11-01-logoTen years ago today, the United States saw one of the worst days in its history. 19 terrorists hijacked four planes and used them as weapons of disastrous proportions. Most of its devastation was concentrated in New York City. At 8:46am, American Airlines Flight 11 was flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Seventeen minutes later, United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the South Tower. Both buildings would eventually collapse along with building 7 of the World Trade Center. At 9:37am, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the west side of the Pentagon in Washington D.C. At 10:03am, United Airlines Flight 93, crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennslyvannia due to resistance from passengers. Its original target is believed to be the United States Capitol, based on an interview with alleged masterminds of the attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Shibh. In total, 2,977 people died (excluding the hijackers).

It’s hard to forget that day. I was fourteen at the time. I remember flipping to a local news channel, probably to get the latest weather and check the time, and they were reporting that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I told my mom, who was getting ready to go to the store. One of her immediate thoughts were that she hoped it was not on purpose. As we watched the coverage, we saw the second plane hit and I think at that time we must have realized that the first was indeed no accident. As I continued watching the coverage and eventually found about the other two crashes, I remembering worrying and thinking, “What the heck is going on?” This year more than any other year following the attacks, I’ve tried reliving that day by looking through footage on YouTube. It was a bit harder than I thought, taken back by the enormous scale of the attacks. It’s all very sad. I did find a very interesting video series, called As It Happened. In chronicles what the news was like that day before and after the attacks occurred.

Deciding to relive this day rather than just remember it has made this anniversary more emotional than in previous years, but I’m thankful that I took time to do so. In a way, it’s helped me move forward emotionally. It’s still hard going through all the videos, pictures, and stories of that day. It feels so tragically surreal. You watch it knowing it happened, but you can’t believe that such a large scale attack actually happened. It feels as though someone stole a horrific nightmare from your memory and somehow recreated it.

Today I’ll make sure to keep everyone who was affected by these events in my heart and hope that ten years later, they have somehow created some sense of normalcy.

God Bless.

* * *

I’m a poser

By looking at my WordPress blog URL, I bet you thought I was one of those Dunkin Donut junkies. Well, I’m not. In fact I never go there and I doubt I will ever fulfill my coffee needs there on a regular basis. I don’t get my coffee from another chain either. I make it at home using Folgers coffee and a standard coffee maker. It will save you a lot more money in the long run doing that. I decided to use coolatta in my WordPress username because I love cold coffee and no other word best associates itself with cold coffee than coolatta <3

I’m a bit uncreative when it comes to choosing usernames. I never really know what name to use, so I usually end up settling on using my name in some form. My first account was my YouTube account and when I made it, I just used aaronluis26. It’s the username I’ve also used on most of my other accounts. It’s a combination of my first name, my middle name, and the number 26, which I will use sometimes since I was born on the 26th of September. I used my middle name instead of my last name because I was uncomfortable with using my last name at the time, but now it doesn’t really bother me. I’ve used it in a couple places like Twitter.

Unfortunately, when I was going to create this blog, aaronfournier was already taken. What I could have done is added a number to the end of it, but I didn’t really want a username like that on WordPress. So what to do now? I decided to use the username I created the day before when making a Chatango account. Well, almost. It wasn’t until I logged in my Chatango account a couple hours after making this account that I realized that I used CoolattaHeaven for Chatango and not HeavenlyCoolatta. Haha, oh well! The meaning is the same nonetheless.

I wasn’t intending this to be a username that I would use in multiple places. I just randomly used it because I was trying to be a little creative without sounding too lame (I hope I accomplished that, haha) and I was sick of using aaronluis26. Now that I’ve also used it with WordPress, maybe I will use it in other places as well :)

* * *