Train Hard, Fight Hard

The dogs that are training at MENTALLY ADVANCED CANINE are from some of the top work bloodlines in the world and have received training in (KNPV, IPO or Campagne) or are direct offspring, because we breed several litters per year and they are raised, handled and place into the home of one of our trainers where they will began their training to become a K9 warrior.

The dogs at M.A.C. are required to be M.A.C.P.C (Mentally Advanced Canine Police Certification) before leaving our facility. This certification is respected nationally and is extremely difficult to obtain. Some trainers have stated that “It’s too difficult or unfair for the team, but our philosophy at M.A.C is “Train Hard, Fight Easy” We have a very simple goal at M.A.C …..To create and develop K9 warriors that are capable of performing consistently under extreme conditions and maintaining unyielding loyalty to his handler or family.